Nigeria, Ghana, Togo & Benin Sign Extradition Pact | Political Offences Excluded | December 1984

Monday, December 10th 1984.

Footage of part of a meeting between the Heads of Government of four West African states at which a Treaty of Extradiction was signed.

The event took place at the Institute of International Affairs in Lagos, Nigeria and was presided by General Muhammadu Buhari, the military Head of State of Nigeria. Also present was President Gnassingbe Eyadema of Togo.

It covered extradition for offences punishable by at least two years in prison, but excluded offences connected with religion and race. he four leaders also agreed to cooperate in trade, customs and immigration in order to combat drug trafficking, arms and currency smuggling, but they decided to allow free movement of people and goods of little commercial value across their borders. The accords ended months of negotiations between the four countries since Nigeria closed its land borders in April 1984 to check smuggling. The action was said to have harmed neighbouring states dependent of Nigeria for food and fuel.

General Buhari:

“Brother Heads of State and Government, the Chiefs of Staff Supreme Headquarters, Honourable Ministers, Your Excellencies, distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, the Federal Military Government, your brothers and sisters of Nigeria, and myself are indeed very delighted to welcome you to Lagos. The auspicious occasion, the summit of the four Heads of State and Presidents of the Republic of Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo, is a culmination of efforts begun only last August to consolidate measures, aimed at improving the security as well as the economy, political and social well-being of the peoples of our sister-countries.”

Source: Reuters News Archive.

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