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Trigger Fingaz Entertainment -TFE was founded in July 2016 by Don Luchiano (James Adesina) with a view to support talented upcoming artist, producers and game changers in the Nigerian music industry.The TFE brand aimed at providing full serviced entertainment package inclusive of IMG_4472artist & management service, songwriting, sound production and engineer management; music publishing; celebrity logistics, touring & merchandising; movie & television; new business ventures; and a song label.

TFE is home to award winning recording artist Lucky king (L.King) who won in the student category of the Nigeria hype Awards 2018, RAP ARTIST of the year and ARTIST of the year. And in TFE is Vianee #Worstbehaviour the talented young beautiful diva who joined TFE in 2018 with title track “Bad Boi” Vianee is also working on different project and she is about to release a track titled ” Stay”

TFE is the Founder, patent and copyright owner of the wireless headphone ” Bang it by TFE”

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