SHOCKER: Nigerian Fed. Govt. Is Only Spending N142 A Day Per Citizen #2020Budget

On the 9th of October 2019, President Muhammadu Buhari has presented a proposal for Nigeria’s 2020 budget to a joint session of the National Assembly in Abuja. The total expenditure he proposed for the Federal Government in 2020 is N10.33 trillion. The proposal shows that about N2.45 trillion will be used for debt servicing, while capital expenditure is expected to gulp N2.14 trillion which excludes the capital component of statutory transfers. While works and housing will take N262 billion, power has a share of N127 billion, agriculture and rural development is scheduled to receive N83 billion and education, N48 billion.

Gospel Obele and Segun Sopitan join Felicity Ezewuike for this episode.

Plus TV Africa’s Felicity Ezewuike brings you PLUS POLITICS, a show designed to keep YOU in the know. Take the best of Plus TV Africa with you on the move!
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