Nigeria Govt Urged To Distance Drug Dealers, Human Traffickers Off South Africa

The South African minister of foreign affairs, Mrs Naledi Pandor, has urged the Nigerian government to keep off citizens who are into drug peddling, human trafficking and other vices from coming into her country.

The minister, Pandor disclosed this during a Television interview with South African station, eNCA.

While expressing dismay, Federal Government of Nigeria necessarily, as a matter of urgency, assist South Africa fight crimes relating to enlisted ones above, adding Nigeria have better experience in a fight such crimes than them.

In her words:  “Help us address the belief and the reality that our people have that there are many persons from Nigeria, who are dealing in drugs in our country, who are harming our young people by making drugs easily available to them.

“The belief that Nigerian nationals are involved in human trafficking and other abusive practices. This kind of assistance in ensuring that such people don’t come to our country would be of great assistance to our nation.”

According to gattered reports, Africans, mainly Nigerians have been the target of xenophobic attacks in South Africa, since last week after a taxi driver was killed by an alleged drug dealer in Pretoria.

South Africa has shut its embassies in Nigeria over concerns of reprisal attacks.

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