71 Reps move to revert to parliamentary system of govt as Bill passes 1st reading ON DECEMBER 14, 20185:41 AMIN NEWS5 COMMENTS By Emman Ovuakporie ABUJA—THE House of Representatives, yesterday, moved to change Nigeria’s Presidential system to parliamentary system to save cost of governance, with a bill to that effect scaling first reading. House of Representatives: row over Super Tucano jets The bill, which was promoted by 71 members of the House, cuts across party divides. ADVERTISING Immediately after its passage, the 71 lawmakers addressed the newsmen, stating reasons why Nigerians should jettison the presidential system of government and embrace that of the parliamentary system. ADVERTISING Ossai Nicholas Ossai (PDP, Delta), who spoke on behalf of the 71 lawmakers, said: “Our position in this legislation clearly points to compelling advantages of parliamentary systems of government to economic growth and development. “Studies have shown that countries run by presidential regimes consistently produce lower output growth and more volatile inflation. Political and economic instability also pervades and there are countless empirical records, which show that output growth under presidential regimes is in zero point (negative). “While out growth under Parliamentary systems clocks from one point and above (positive), in countries run by presidential systems, inflation is on average six percentage point higher than those under parliamentary regimes.

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