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SkyWay string transport is an energy and transportation communicator of elevated overpass type. It uses electric vehicles on steel wheels riding on specific string rails.

SkyWay is an elevated over ground high-speed, urban and cargo transport system in which traffic is arranged on a track structure made of specially designed pre-stressed rails that are stretched between anchor supports. The rolling stock speed can compete with that of the airplane and its traffic is controlled automatically.

SkyWay technological advances the aim to solve ever-increasing transport problems such as traffic jams and consequently increased travel time, eliminate heavy mortality as a result of traffic accidents and avoid deterioration of the ecological situation.

The main design differences of this system from other types of railroads of trestle design are pre-stressed tension of the structure, the absence of a continuous solid roadbed, low materials intensity in construction and visual simplicity.

The main advantages are economic efficiency, environmental friendliness, durability, reliability, safety and, consequently, high market competitiveness.

Designing, construction and certification of the breakthrough SkyWay transport system is executed by the engineering company SkyWay Technologies Co. The program of technology development includes urban, intercity and freight transport solutions.

The advantages of the technology are high traffic speed, low cost, safety, environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. SkyWay Technologies Co. has built a test site and certification-demonstration center EcoTechnoPark. Operating unibuses, unibikes and unitrucks are displayed there.

They run on test tracks of three types: urban– up to 150 km/h, up to 25 thousand passenger/h; freight– performance of the complex – up to 200 mln ton/year; high-speed– up to 500 km/h, up to 500 thousand passenger/day.

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